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LASIK at B B Eye Foundation

We take immense pride in introducing the time tested EX-500 Wavelight Technology (German) which is the world's fastest ophthalmic laser. Lasik is accepted as a SAFE PROCEDURE for NASA Astronauts and US AIR FORCE Pilots!!! OUR SUGEONS are pioneers in the field of laser vision correction procedures (LASIK).They are one of the first refractive surgeons of India and South East Asia and are performing Refractive procedures for the past 18 years.

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Q-1 How safe is the treatment?

It is an extremely safe treatment. If patient co-operates during the course of the treatment, then there is hardly any chance for complications to arise.

Q-2 Is there a chance of the refractive error coming back in the long run?

No. The healing process is over approximately six months after the treatment. Thereafter there is hardly a chance of getting the "number" back.

Q-3 How long does the LASIK treatment takes? Is it painful?

The entire process takes less than ten minutes in which the laser treatment itself takes a few seconds. The treatment is not painful. No injections are necessary. It is a non invasive procedure.

Q-4 Does the patient have to stay at the hospital?

No, the patient can go home immediately after the procedure. Things that irritate the eye should, however be avoided for 2-3 weeks. For instance, in bright light one may need to wear sunglasses. The patient needs to put eye-drops for a few weeks after treatment.

Q-5 Who can undergo this LASIK laser vision correction?

Anybody who wears spectacles or contact lenses can undergo this treatment. But it is not advisable for patients whose "number" has changed significantly in the past year or is likely to change again in future. This treatment is not recommended for children.

Q-6 Can both eyes undergo Laser Eye Surgery together?

Yes, both eyes are normally treated together. When you get both eyes treated together, you save on time, and follow-up visits, and the visual recovery is also faster. However, if you are more comfortable getting one eye treated at a time that is also possible. Please discuss this issue with your Ophthalmologist.

Q-7 Can the procedure be done on the same day as the consultation?

Generally we don’t recommend getting LASIK done on the same day as the consultation, if you are a high myopic. This is because we generally dilate (make it wider) the pupil of the eye, to look at the lens and retina during the consultation. It is difficult to do the procedure when the pupil is dilated. Your eye doctor may consider doing the procedure after a few hours though if it is on an emergency basis.

Q-8 Does LASIK cause any systemic difficulties?

No, LASIK does not cause any systemic difficulties. Its effect is restricted to the eye, and there are no documented cases, where any other effects have been shown.

What is LASIK?

Lasik is laser treatment to correct the ‘POWER’ of the eye (Refractive Error) both Spherical and Cylindrical. It finely polishes the cornea to achieve crystal clear vision without glasses or contact lens.

Can I get LASIK done?

You need to be over 18 years of age with stable ‘power’ (Refractive error) of the eye. Minus power range: -0.50DSph to -14.00DSph Plus power range: + 0.50DS to +6.00DS Cylindrical power range: +/- 6.00 DC Any pre existing eye disease or health problem must be informed. Allergies to any medicines should also be informed prior to the treatment. If you are taking any medications; systemic or for the eyes please inform your ophthalmologist.

What are the various tests done before LASIK?

The tests are performed a day before the procedure and it may take around 2-3 hours for this detailed analysis After going through all the tests your Doctor will advise you on all the aspects of LASIK and please feel free to ask your Doctor any question that you have in your mind.

What will be done to my eyes during the LASIK treatment?

Depending upon the ‘Power’ of your eyes (Refractive Error) the vision will get clearer with time and your Doctor will advise you about simple medication that you would need.

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