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B B Eye foundation is a time-trusted organisation situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, yielding to reconcile excellence with valuation. It encompasses the stalwarts in the field of Ophthalmology who have ensured over the last three decades for the prime functioning of this eye centre. It keeps the concerns of every patient in high regard who have continuously sought out it’s prima facie facilities and trusted this prestigious institution over the years.

The level of eye care provided here is transformational, to say the least. The healthcare providers work rigorously day in and out, even during trying times, to maintain the reputation of this heritage which was envisioned and built with blood, sweat and tears, keeping in mind to dispense the best to the patients. We have always aimed to cultivate a well approached, disciplined, amicable ambience and be empathetic towards the needs of the trusted beneficiaries. Everyday is a new chapter for us here to be more agile, safeguard the interest’s of our patients, and be responsible for each and every discretion we take as individuals or as a team. With changing times and with the growing technologically adept society, we practice to hone our expertise over the same and harness technology in a cost efficient manner.

It would be only fair to proclaim that our team here with it’s trusted skills and knowledge, would only grant you quality care without any compromise, which has been our strongest pillar. Our only intention is to make sure vision is sustainable for the ones who’ve put their trust in our able hands.

Welcome to B B Eye Foundation Kolkata

The seed of B B Eye Foundation was sown by Dr Pradeep Kumar Bakshi in 1989, as a centre for cataract surgery. In the last two decades it has grown from strength to strength and today it is a landmark for total Eye Care in Eastern India.
Dr Bakshi is one of the most experienced surgeon in the country, who revolutionized eye surgery in Eastern India, with IOL implantation in the eighties and phacoemulsification in the nineties. Living up to this tradition, we are amongst one of the first to do microphaco, use customized IOLs, equip the “Glaucoma Services” with the newest of technologies, perform the most advanced vitreo retinal, strabismus and pediatric cataract surgeries, and offer highest quality of cornea services with the turn of the century.

B B Eye Foundation is spread over three floors with three composite units – The Clinic Section, The Surgery Centre and The Diagnostic Centre. The Clinic Section is equipped with examination rooms, where experts in all subspecialties of Ophthalmology are available to see patients, aided by an optom...... etry section where highly skilled technicians are at work. Optometrists also undergo Internship training programs for a year.

B B Eye Foundation has three fully functional Operation Rooms with Leica and Zeiss microscopes, Alcon Infinity and AMO Signature Phacoemulsification systems and Alcon Vitrectomy equipment.
The Diagnostic Section is equipped with the latest state of the art equipments at par with the best centers in the world.

The office is open from 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday and the smooth administration does its utmost to inform patients regarding vision examination or medical and surgical care.

The Foundation has a well informed reception desk and a surgery viewing area for the family of the patients. We are perhaps among the very few practices in the country that employs a routine telecast of all the live surgeries.

We are one of the select group of practices that are continually involved in clinical research and have presented scientific papers and chaired sessions at National and International levels of Ophthalmic CME programs. Relevant to say , that surgeons from the Foundation have delivered talks and Instruction courses at the highest level of Ophthalmic platforms like the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the All India Ophthalmological Society.

Surgeons from B B Eye Foundation have performed live surgeries for demonstration at workshops all over the country. We are blessed with ophthalmologists from all over the country coming in to observe Dr Bakshi and the other surgeons during surgery.

The surgery centre is one of the most modern and complete eye care facilities in the country. The operating suites have state of the art equipments and are well supported by the in house Physicians and Anesthesiologists.

The Diagnostic Centre is complete with the latest equipments in Lasers, DFA, Biometry, Perimetry, Dynamic Contour Tonometry, Specular microscopy, Pachymetry, Ultrasonography and OCT3.

Perhaps the most important element of our practice that sets us apart from others is our technical staff. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who leave no stone unturned to give the best possible service in all fields.

Advantages to patients include:

  • Pleasant non hospital environment.
  • Rapid registration, admission and discharge.
  • Surgery viewing area for family.
  • The comfort of our staff at surgery.


Appointments are scheduled from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, from the reception desk.
We attempt at all times to adhere to our appointment schedule. There are times, however, when emergencies or other delays occur. Patients are informed if the doctor is running behind his or her schedule.


Whatever the period of time in history - the pioneering spirit never dies! Other achieve, but class stands out as a cut above the rest - in all its possible forms and in all possible spheres - from themes in science fiction, to those of fantasy, but most importantly - to delivery of effective service.

This is B B Eye Foundation!

Comparable to, the first perfect "first-person-shooter" mechanic: pioneering perfection in eye care for the past 30 glorious years of Eastern India. Being a continuing integral part of the service delivery system, since the eighties they bring with them - "Age Old Experience" with "New Age Technology" - the two interwoven to provide a "genre hybridisation" over a period of more than all of two decades - certainly unmatched by others elsewhere.

We offer unparalleled, skilled, dedicated and cost effective-Ophthalmic Care. Time is therefore ripe to imprint upon history this ethos of "genre hybridisation". And "Branching Out" was piloted as part of its efforts to provide a unique, value added ophthalmic care to a larger population of West Bengal.

The 21st Century Hospital is being made NABH compliant

Way Ahead of the Rest...We are the Best