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Is B B Eye Foundation the pioneer of modern Cataract Surgery in East India?

Yes, the Chairman of B B Eye Foundation Dr Pradeep Kumar Bakshi is the pioneer of IOL microsurgery and phacoemulsification. He is also the pioneer of LASIK (procedure for power removal) in East India.

Today, with microphaco and premium intraocular lenses, B B Eye Foundation provides consistent visual rehabilitation combining the latest in technology with experienced expertise for last 33 years unmatched elsewhere.

B B Eye Foundation is the first in East India to implant the Express Shunt a decade back and the iStent (MIGS) in December 2022 for Glaucoma Surgery.

Does B B Eye Foundation have any branches ?

B B Eye Foundation has No branches.
B B Eye Foundation withdrew its name from the Eye Care Hospital- VIP road branch in November 2022.

Are the doctors same at Eye Care Hospital- VIP road?

Many doctors at the present Eye Care Hospital- VIP road have never been associated with B B Eye Foundation

Are the facilities / services the same at Eye Care Hospital- VIP road?

B B Eye Foundation at Minto Park is a complete super speciality Eye Hospital with LASIK, FEMTO LASER and CONTOURA VISION TECHNOLOGY

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