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Orbit is the bony cavity that houses the eyeball.
The walls of this cavity can be the seat of tumors leading to forward protrusion of the Eye Ball, a condition that is referred to as Proptosis.
B B Eye Foundation provides the most modern facilities for removal of these tumors (when required) and orbital re construction with artificial mesh.
Drooping of the eyelids is called Ptosis. This condition can affect people of various ages. Our Foundation provides the most modern surgical techniques for correction of this condition.



Lid Margin Abnormalities:

Entropion is the inward turning of the eyelids (may involve the upper or lower eyelid), causing the eyelashes to scratch the cornea and produce irritation leading to tearing and secondary infection as well as cosmetic problems. It may be the result of spasm or secondary contracture or strictures from burns, injury or trachoma infection. Surgical correction by our experienced surgeons will provide a permanent correction.

Ectropion is a condition where the eyelid (usually the lower one) is turned away from the eyeball. It may be due to laxity of the tissue in elderly people or to paralysis of nerves or may follow cuts, infections, or burns of the lids and face that heal poorly with scarification. Besides being cosmetically unpleasant, ectropion is accompanied by troublesome tearing and infection. Treatment is surgical rotation of the lid margin.

Trichiasis is a condition in which there is misdirection of eyelashes. If the eyelashes turn in toward the eyeball and scratch the cornea, they produce a sensation like a foreign body. This condition may result from trachoma (an eye infection), burns or injuries to the lids. Removal of the eyelashes can be done manually. Our centre provides for state of the art Laser Facilities for epilation to correct Trichiasis. Recurrent and severe cases may require surgical correction.

Lacrimal Passage Infections:

Normally tears from the eye drain to the nose through the lacrimal passage. In case of any blockade in this passage, watering results and when left unattended to may result in infection around the eye (Lacrimal Sac). The causes can be incomplete development, seen in young children, or infection, which occurs in adult life. Treatment varies from performing a relatively simple procedure like 'probing' the pathway to open it, to more complex surgery of fashioning an alternative pathway to drain the tears to nasal cavity. This procedure is known as dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).